Volunteer with STAAR

The Antoinette Hall Preservation Society (AHPS) is a companion organization to the 501c3 corporation, Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory (STAAR), and shares a Board of Directors with STAAR. The Society was born of the desire to restore Antoinette Hall so that it can once again become a center of arts and culture for the community and the region.

Leadership of STAAR and AHPS is undertaken by an Executive Director, Tammy Pierchoski, who acts upon the authority of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, Finance Chairman, Secretary and a representative of STAAR and of AHPS. Board members include individuals with backgrounds and expertise in education, the arts, tourism development, local business, historic preservation, communications, venue design, construction and nonprofit management.

Along with the Executive Director, STAAR’s volunteers and advisors focus on the operation and management of the first floor facility, the theatrical organizations’ live performances, booking quality entertainment, expansion of the center’s arts education offerings and raising funds to ensure successful execution of the STAAR’s mission and goals.

Serve on the Board 

The Antoinette Hall Preservation Society (AHPS) and Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory (STAAR) executive committee is comprised on the following:

Chairman: Doug Wong, small business owner

Vice-Chairman: MaryAnn Trimble, retired educator

Immediate Past Chairman: Stanley Pierchoski, lawyer

Finance Chairman: Stanley Pierchoski, lawyer

Secretary: Stephnie Wood, small business owner

Board Members

Claudia Johnson, partner, CSllc Consulting (marketing & website design)

Alex Bowles, legal secretary

Cochran Pruett, historic preservation consultant

Rusty Summerville, museum designer & artist

John Lancaster, historic preservationist & museum curator

Karen Wood, retired business owner

Offer your Expertise as a Non-voting Advisory Council

Non-voting Advisory Council members are selected due to their interest in various aspects of the operation of STAAR or the restoration of Antoinette Hall. The Advisory Council is composed of individuals offer a level of expertise that assists in meeting goals, addressing issues or introducing the organization to a broader audience.

All Board members and Advisory Council members serve without receiving any monetary compensation.

Advisory Council:

Claudia Oakes, retired, Smithsonian Institution

MaryAnn Lewter, business owner

Teresa Hannah, television producer

Pat Ford, mayor, Pulaski, Tennessee; professor, Martin College

Lauren Yarger, playwright, theatrical director in NYC

Laura Rowland, healthcare professional

Jonathan Gorst, retired Broadway conductor

Bethany Shockney, community development professional

Tom Austin, architect