STAAR’s Leadership Works with Volunteers to Bring Quality Programs to STAAR

Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory (STAAR) is a  501c3 corporation. Leadership of STAAR is undertaken by an Executive Director, Tammy Pierchoski, who acts upon the authority of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, Finance Chairman, Secretary and a representative of STAAR.

Board members include individuals with backgrounds and expertise in education, the arts, tourism development, local business, historic preservation, communications, venue design, construction and nonprofit management.

Non-voting Advisory Council members are selected due to their interest in various aspects of the operation of STAAR. The Advisory Council is composed of individuals offer a level of expertise that assists in meeting goals, addressing issues or introducing the organization to a broader audience.

All Board members and Advisory Council members serve without receiving any monetary compensation.

STAAR’s volunteers and advisors focus on the operation and management of the first floor facility, the theatrical organizations’ live performances, booking quality entertainment, expansion of the center’s arts education offerings and raising funds to ensure successful execution of the STAAR’s mission and goals.

A goal for the organization is to provide professional instruction coordination and training for STAAR executive director, board members and volunteers and to develop resources for full-time staff consisting of an Executive Director, Marketing Director and Development Director.

Organization Information

STAAR Theatre at Antoinette Hall

501c3 Organization is Lynnville Area Arts Association

(DBA Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory)

105 N. First Street, Pulaski, TN 38478



EINID#62-1864717    •    DUNS#166648720

Executive Director


Operations and financial management for STAAR are managed by Executive Director Tammy Pierchoski, whose office is within the STAAR Theatre at Antoinette Hall complex.

Mrs. Pierchoski has been affiliated with STAAR Theatre and Center for the Arts for 17 years and is currently in her seventh year as Executive Director. Her original involvement was as a set designer and performer. She has been theater manager and marketing director since 2006 and has served as producer on more than 50 productions.

Tammy holds a bachelor’s degree in technical drafting from Calhoun College in Alabama and has served as project manager on all minor and major renovations at STAAR/Antoinette Hall over the past 13 years.

This includes the entire backstage renovation, public ADA restrooms for the 200-seat street level theatre, adjacent art gallery space, concessions area and lobby. She oversaw the original construction of the street level performance space including the stage and technical balcony.

Married to local attorney, Stan Pierchoski, Mrs. Pierchoski and her husband moved in July 1990 to Giles County where together they raised and homeschooled their three children. She has been a professional baker with her own business for more than 40 years. She was a ballet and tap dance instructor for more than 15 years with the Art of Dance in Lawrenceburg and Pulaski.

Tammy Pierchoski

Executive Committee


The  Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory (STAAR) executive committee is comprised of the following:

Chairman: Doug Wong, small business owner

Vice-Chairman: MaryAnn Trimble, retired educator

Immediate Past Chairman: Stanley Pierchoski, attorney

Finance Chairman: Stanley Pierchoski, attorney

Secretary: Stephnie Wong, small business owner

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