Oh bother! There’s trouble in the Hundred Acre Wood! JoinWinnie the Pooh and his silly friends Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, and Owl on a heartwarming adventure. A mysterious creature called the Backson has whisked away Christopher Robin, Pooh’s best friend!

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Will Pooh and his pals be able to use their friendship, bravery, and maybe even a little bit of honey, to save the day? This delightful musical, filled with familiar tunes and new surprises, is a perfect honey-filled treat for the whole family.

So come bounce with Tigger, sing along with Pooh, and discover the true meaning of friendship in Winnie the Pooh KIDS!

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Our Musical Theater Production Class has been hard at work painting sets, altering costumes, learning choreography and so much more to bring this short and sweet production to life!